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Financial Statements, Analysis of Financial Statements, Accounting SPED and Accounting Consulting.


Main and accessory obligations such as: SPED Fiscal and EFD Contributions, ECF, DCTF, Per/Dcomp, e-Credac, GIA, DAPI, DIME, Administrative Tax Defenses, Calculation of direct (IRPJ/CSLL) and indirect (PIS, COFINS) taxes , IPI – future IBS after tax reform) and (ISSQN and ICMS future CBS after tax reform)

Labor and Social Security

Admission, Payroll, Vacations, Termination Process, Releases and E-Social Conference, DCTF Web, DIRF, FGTS, Labor Consulting, Social Security and Retirement.


Opening, changes and closures of Legal Entities, Corporate Reorganization (Incorporation, Merger and Spin-Off), Tax Planning, Asset and/or Operational Holding and Tender Support.

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